Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How To Monitor a Log in a Cluster Failover

Here are the steps to view events and logs for a fail-over cluster by using Fail over Cluster Management.

Step 1: Open Failover Cluster Management from start menu administrative tools.
Step 2: Right-click Failover Cluster Manager, click Manage a Cluster, and then select a cluster that you want.
Step 3: You can select the cluster name from drop down menu and click ok.
Step 4: Click Query from right side like below.

Step 5: In the Cluster Events Filter dialog box, select the criteria for the events that you want to display.

Step 6: To return to the default criteria, click the Reset button and click OK.
Step 7: To sort the events, click a heading, for example, Level or Date and Time.
Step 8: To view a specific event, click the event and view the details in the Event Details pane.
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