Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Track Database Files Growth In SQL Server?

Last weekend I had visited one of my friends organization to configure SQL Server best practices on newly installed servers. I had configured all servers as per the best practices and keeping in mind the OLTP application functionality. One of the senior most employee from this organization has asked me is there anyway to track the growth of the disk drives and when we have request to client to add additional space to the existing drives. I have given below solution to them and asked them to automate daily/weekly insert the output into the table from there you can generate report and you can analyze forecast db growth.

Here is the solution:

Select @@ServerName As ServerName,
convert(decimal(18,2), (sum(size)*8)/1024.0) as db_size_in_mb, 
(select convert(decimal(18,2), (Sum(size)*8)/1024.0) from sys.sysaltfiles 
where dbid=sqlfix.dbid and groupid=0
group by groupid) as log_size_in_mb, 
Round(((select convert(decimal(18,2),(Sum(size)*8)/1024.0) 
from sys.sysaltfiles where dbid=sqlfix.dbid and groupid=0 group by groupid) / convert(decimal(18,2), (sum(size)*8)/1024.0))* 100,2) as log_size_percent, 
(select max(backup_finish_date) from msdb.dbo.backupset B 
where type = 'A' 
and b.database_name = as LastFullBackup, 
(select max(backup_finish_date) from msdb.dbo.backupset B 
where type = 'C' 
and b.database_name = as LastLogBackup, 
from master.sys.sysaltfiles sqlfix 
join master.sys.databases A on sqlfix.dbid=A.database_id 
where groupid>0 and dbid not in (1,3,4) 
group by dbid,, A.compatibility_level,
A.recovery_model_desc, A.create_date 
order by db_size_in_mb desc

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