Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Is Deferred Transactions and When It Occur?

What IS Deferred Transaction?
Deferred transaction is a transaction that is uncommitted when the roll forward phase finishes and has encountered an error, its not possible to rollback as well because the transaction is deferred.

When Deferred Transaction Occur?
Usually deferred transaction occur when a piecemeal restore recovers a database to a point at which one or more active transactions are affecting a filegroup that has not yet been restored. Because the transactions cannot be rolled back, they become deferred.

If an error at the file level can also cause deferred transactions, Deffered transactions occurred mostly because filegroup was offline, to bring the filegroup online run below command.

RESTORE DATABASE database_name FILEGROUP= filegroup_name

Deferred transaction can also occur while the database was being rolled forward, an I/O error prevented reading a page that was required by the transaction.

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