Saturday, May 12, 2012

FIX: SQL Server 2000 Unintall Issue

How to fix errors while uninstalling SQL Server 2000.

This is very simple error but i would like to share workaround for this to all my readers. Yesterday I had trying to Uninstall SQL Server 2000 completely from the server, while doing it is throwing an error like below.

My Server Configuration:
OS version:                              Windows Server 2003
OS service pack:                      Service Pack 2
OS architecture:                      x86
Process architecture:              32 Bit
SQL Server Version:               2000 SP4

Let me explain what are the steps I had taken prior to uninstall SQL Server 2000.

Step 1: I was logged Into the server with full Admin access.
Step 2: Stopped all the SQL Server Services
Step 3: In Control Panel, under Add/Remove programs.
Step 4: Selected default instance of SQL Server 2000, and clicked Remove.

Immediate after clicking remove I got one warning box like below, i was completely ignored and clicked Continue. After clicking continue I got above error.


It is very clear with the above warning box, "There are other users logged on to this computer"

Step 1: Right Click on Task Manager Click  "Task Manager"
Step 2: Select Users
Step 3: Check Is there any other user logged into the server or not?
Step 4: If anyone logged into the server apart from you, then simply select that user and click log-off.
Step 5: Now go to control Panel from Start menu, select Add/Remove programs.
Step 6:  Select default instance of SQL Server 2000, and click Remove.
Step 7:  Now follow the steps.
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