Saturday, December 10, 2011

Microsoft Previews SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux

Microsoft has posted a preview release of its new SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux, which enables access to Microsoft SQL Server databases from Linux operating systems. This driver is a port of Microsoft's existing enterprise-class ODBC for Windows driver, known as SQL Server Native Client (SNAC), to the Linux platform.

The SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux supports 64-bit applications running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and connects to SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012. 

According to Microsoft, "for customers who want to move from Sybase to SQL Server, the SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux allows C and C++ code to continue running in Linux environments."
Features of the SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux are:
1.    Support for the Kerberos network authentication protocol;
2.    BCP utility for bulk-copying data between an instance of Microsoft SQL Server and a data file;
3.    SQLCMD utility for T-SQL statements, system procedures, and script files at the command prompt.
4.    Support for SSL encryption and authentication;
5.    Support for client-side UTF-8 character encoding;

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