Sunday, July 4, 2010

SQL Server Audit

In addition to all auditing options in 2005, SQL Server 2008 introduces a new auditing model that addresses the need to easily create audit specifications.

The new Audit feature in SQL Server 2008 consists of three main components:

An audit, which specifies the location of the audit output (file, application, or security event log)

Server audit specifications, which contain definitions of server-level audit events such as server logins

Database audit specifications, which contain definitions of database level events such as schema modifications

First right-click on Audits under Security and choose New Audit.

both server- and database-level audit specifications have a wide variety of audit actions that can be captured, by defining a server audit specification. SQL Server BOL contains a full list of all possible server-level audit actions that can be chosen.

let’s create a specification that will capture the execution of any DBCC command.

Once our audit action groups are defined, we can start the audit by right-clicking on it and selecting Enable Audit. The next step is to select the Server and Database Audit specifications, again by right-clicking on them and choosing Enable.

Viewing audit data is as simple as right-clicking the audit specification and choosing View audit Logs. Alternatively, if the audit events are directed to the Windows event logs, you can read them directly by using the event log viewing tools.

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We r still using Log On trigers , with event data() function, although a slower process

You are using trigers/functions in SQL Server 2008?

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