Thursday, November 11, 2010

How To Verify The SQL Backup File?

Here is a list of commands to verify the backup files in sql server. 

1.  Execute below command for finding the backup set is complete and that all volumes are readable. 

Restore verifyonly from disk='C:\MSSQL\adventureworks.bak' 

2.  Execute below command for finding the backup header information for all backup sets on a particular backup device.

Restore headeronly from disk='C:\MSSQL\adventureworks.bak' 

3.  Execute below command for finding the database and log files contained in the backup set.

Restore filelistonly from disk='C:\MSSQL\adventureworks.bak'
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How to check for Transactional and differential backup files?

4.Execute below command for showing software name,Media set in backup

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