Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fix : Microsoft SQL Server Database Mirroring Setup 1418 Error

Database Mirroring Setup 1418 Error:
The server network address can not be reached or does not exist. Check the network address name and reissue the command.

Workaround / Fix:  
There are Couple of ways to fix this issue, please follow the steps below. 

Option 1:  
Step 1. Start MSSQLSERVER Services with Domain user credentials (instead of Local System Account) on principal database Server and Mirror Database Server. 

Note: To switch from “Local System Account” to Domain User credentials do the following.
On Windows (XP or Server): 

1: Open Control Panel from Start menu.

2: Then open Administrative tools.

3: Double Click Services.

4: Right click on SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) then click on properties.

5: click on tab “Log On” and then choose radio button “This account”. Then provide the Domain user name and password.

You want you can repeat (Step 1) for all SQLSERVER related Services. 

Step 2. And then try the mirroring process in MS SQL Server Management Studio. 

Option 2: 
Please Check this article for configuring database mirroring using certificates "step by step to configure Mirroring through Certificates".

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Am also facing same error that is: The Server Network address TCP://mirror:5023 can not be reached or doesnot exist . check the network address name and the ports for the local and remote endpoints are operational (Microsoft sql server error no: 1418)

I solved the problem by changing the way that instead of local system account i used domain user account that had rights on both servers !

please try in Domain … it’s resolve that problem

if anybody need help Let me know?

Please follow the above steps carefully. it will work... :)

Thank you Sir!, it is working fine are a champ!

If i will use mirroring i can use system recovery model simple?


If you don't want to use a domain (account) you have to use certificates.

great.... i ave been facing this prblm for past 1mnth...

could u please advice me good book for SQL server administration?

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Nice job..
I have the same problem.. the work around is pretty simple..
Let's say Server A (domain\acountA is the service account) is principal and Server B (domain\acountB is the service account) is mirror. Please check if domain\acountB has sysadmin rights in serverA and the same way domain\acountA has sysadmin rights in server B.. If not, then add them.. problem solved.. Simple, easy n beautiful.. :)

@Priya Agarwal :----- i'm facing this error i'm try to this step but have still error please tell me how i troubleshoot this error .my email _id

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