Thursday, July 21, 2011

Find Port Number Of The SQL Server 2008

When applications use TCP/IP for network communication, you need to know the port number where the server is listening for connect request from the client.

If you want to connect to the SQL Server through the TCP/IP, you must know on which port number the SQL Server is listening for connection requests. 

Follow this steps to find and verify the port number of your SQL Server.

Step 1. Go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Step 2. Click on “SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration” to see the list of SQL Server instances.

Step 3. Click on “Protocols for SQL2008”. You will see a list of protocols.

Step 4. Right-mouse click on TCP/IP and select the “Properties” command. The properties dialog box shows up.
Click the IP Address tab. The server IP address and port number used by the SQL Server will be displayed. 

You should see something like below:
IP Address:
Ports: 1433
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