Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How many jobs will create for Transactional Replication

What are the Jobs will create for Transactional Replication?

Lots of people are asking me about how many jobs will create in Transactional Replication, so i thought of post this article, might this is very helpful for entry level DBA's to face this kind of questions in interview.

In this example I am configuring simple transactional replication, we can see how many jobs it will create in distribution and publisher server.

My Server Information:
Publishing database name: AdventureWorks
Distributor Server Name:   NARESH\DISTRIBUTOR
Publisher Server name:      NARESH\PUBLISHER
Subscriber Server Name:   NARESH\SUBSCRIBER
Publisher Name:                  Publisher1

In Transaction Replication first we have to create Distribution then Publisher and finally Subscribers. 

Distribution Server Jobs:  
Here is the list of jobs will create once Distribution Server is configured. Following jobs will create in Distribution server only 

1. Agent history clean up: distribution
2. Distribution clean up: distribution
3. Expired subscription clean up
4. Reinitialize subscriptions having data validation failures
5. Replication agents checkup
6. Replication monitoring refresher for distribution.


Publisher Server Jobs: 
Once Distributor is Configured successfully then we have to configure Publisher. The following jobs will create in Publisher server only

2. NARESH\PUBLISHER-AdventureWorks-Publisher1-1

3. Subscriber Server Jobs.
In Subscriber no jobs will create, only in Distributor one job will create while adding subscriber. 

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