Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SQL Server Database Mirroring Pros and Cons

Here is the list of advantages and disadvantages of Database mirroring in SQL Server 2008.

Point 1: Database mirroring can be configured along with replication, log shipping, and database snapshots. 

Point 2: In SQL Server 2008 compresses the Transaction Log at Principal Server before it is transferred to mirror server so it saves lot of traffic bandwidth. 

Point 3: System databases can not be mirrored. 

Point 4: Database which needs to be mirrored it must be a FULL recovery mode, mirroring doesn't work on other recovery models. 

Point 5: High Safety Mode (Synchronous operation) Log are committed on Principal and Mirror when databases are synchronized. 

Point 6: High Performance Mode (Asynchronous operation) Principal commits and Mirror tries to keep up with received log records from Principal. 

Point 7: The mirrored server can not be used during mirroring operation, it always be on recovery mode. 

Point 8: We can take the snapshot of the mirrored database, for reporting purpose.

Point 9: Automatic Failover is only possible when high safety mode is configured with automatic failover.

Point 10: Database mirroring has automatic server failover and client failover capabilities.

Point 11: Configuration of database mirroring is simpler than any other high availability like log shipping and replication.
Point 12: Mirroring has built-in network encryption support (AES algorithm).
Point 13: Database mirroring supports full-text catalogs.

Point 14: If you are configuring witness server as well then additional SQL Server instances may be required.
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