Friday, September 10, 2010

Server Roles In SQL Server

Fixed server roles are Server level Securables.

Here is a list of Fixed Server Level Roles In SQL Server 2005

PROCESS ADMIN: Process Admin manages the processes, running in an Instance of SQL Server

SERVER ADMIN: Server Admin role is used to configure the server wide settings.

SECURITY ADMIN: Security Admin role is used to manage the server Logins

SETUP ADMIN: Setup Admin role is used to add or remove linked servers

DISK ADMIN: Disk Admin role is used to manage the disk files

BULK ADMIN: Bulk Admin role is used to execute bulk insert statements

SYS ADMIN: Sys Admin role is used to take full control of the server system

DB CREATOR: Database Creator role is used to create and alter databases

DB OWNER: By using DB Owner role we can have full control of the database

PUBLIC: By using public role, we can view and expand the databases
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