Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Find Orpahend Login Name With Encrypted Password

Here is the script for finding orpahend users with their SID, this script is very useful while server migration from one location to another location.
Use Master
SELECT 'EXEC sp_addlogin @loginame = ''' + loginname + ''''
,', @defdb = ''' + dbname + ''''
,', @deflanguage = ''' + language + ''''
,', @encryptopt = ''skip_encryption'''
,', @passwd ='
, cast(password AS varbinary(256))
,', @sid ='
, sid
FROM syslogins
where loginname Not like 'NA%'
loginname not like 'Builtin%' and loginname Not like 'sa'
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Very Good Script...it is very helpfull

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